I’m a firm believer in self-improvement. Running side-projects & learning new languages has often allowed me to satisfy my own curiosity about new tech. What’s more, it’s always turned out to be a great investment, allowing me to grow both personally and professionally.

So, I keep at it.

Side projects

Learning Elixir

Elixir Logo Getting enchanted (and frustrated) by Elixir lately. I’m going through Advent of Code and trying to solve each problem with Elixir, hoping to pick up some skills along the way. Know of any good books to recommend?

Rest, a cross-platform break reminder

Logo for Rest - A Break Reminder I’ve been working on Rest since June of 2013. It’s how I got started with Objective-C and it’s what enabled me to redo our company’s mobile apps later on. Rest is now available for Mac (Objective-C) & Windows (C#), and it comes with helper apps for iOS and Android (Java). The website is multi-lingual, done in PHP with the Laravel framework.


Dewdrop Logo Dewdrop is a barebones, open-source, self-hosted Droplr clone, where you could just drop a file to your menu bar icon and easily share a file. It has a working Mac client (Objective-C), a working web client (Objective-J, because I thought it’s an interesting tech), and a barely usable Windows client. The server is written in PHP in a single file with no framework dependencies. All of this hasn’t been touched in almost 3 years, so it could probably use some refactoring/rewriting but I still use it personally to this day.

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