Dino Angelov

Software Architect, Stirling Corp


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Free-eBooks.net Logo Complete rewrite of our iOS app. Designed, implemented & launched 2 separate apps in 2 different languages with a shared codebase. Consolidated multiple backend versions into a standardized, versioned RESTful API that became the backend to our Android app as well. New app’s average rating is 4.8, versus the old one’s 2.5.

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Currently experimenting with

Getting enchanted (and frustrated) by Elixir lately. I'm going through Advent of Code and trying to solve each problem with Elixir, hoping to pick up some skills along the way. Know of any good books to recommend?

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All my articles are available via RSS. I #retweet a lot on Twitter. Got some open-source projects on GitHub, my so-so cooking photos on Instagram and nothing much on LinkedIn. I happen to have an email address as well, if that’s your thing.

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